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Energetic, funny, and obsessed with creativity, Kristina has an in-your-face perspective on issues of parenting and life in general. In fact, you may have seen Kristina recently on your Facebook feed, or on any one of a number of internet, radio or TV outlets. She has become an internet sensation with her “mom-centric” videos about raising children and juggling all of life’s challenges. With over 500 million views across media outlets and websites worldwide, and over one and a half million Facebook followers, Kristina already has a voice and personality that has proven to be a hit with a massive audience (from young millennials through Gen-Xers and even Baby Boomers).

The Huffington Post referred to Kristina’s videos as “Parenting comedy at its finest,” and The Inquisitr has praised her “witty charm.” People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, Yahoo, and many more have all posted articles on her creative parenting advice and unique humor, and media outlets across the country are picking up on her videos and re-posting them. Kristina has quickly made a name for herself as a creative, yet unpretentious parent, as well as a world-renowned motivational speaker/comedian.

In 2011, Kristina was chosen from 20,000 applicants and crowned the winner of Mark Burnett’s reality TV competition: “Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star.” The competition involved numerous grueling challenges, such as writing and producing television segments, and interviewing celebrities including Susie Orman, Gayle King, Arsenio Hall and Oprah Winfrey herself.

Kristina’s first reality show titled “The Ambush Cook,” aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Oprah said of Kristina, “What is that THING?…That’s so charming and charismatic and connected to the audience that makes you feel like, I know her, I want to be her, I’m like her… She has all of that. She is an ‘IT PLUS’ girl… I wanna watch her!”

Kristina’s blog posts, which incorporate her unique insights on family-related topics, have been published on various websites, including and The Huffington Post.

Kristina and her husband currently live in Southern California, where her most important, rewarding, and exhausting careers include being a sanitation engineer, chef, chauffer, and conflict resolution guru for her three (mostly satisfied) clients – her children.



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