Good Mom Lyrics

Good Mom

White shirt now stained. Oh, thanks a lot.
Sleepin’ we don’t do enough of.
Netflix may save us for a month.
Kids be like tornadoes.

Bruisin’ your ego so you say.
You can’t do homeschool every day.
Screen time – those rules are thrown away.
Eat some snacks once again.

So you’re stressed mom
Like to get more rest mom.
Wish you looked your best mom.
They’re giving you the test mom.
You’re the plaid type.
Make your kids feel rad type.
Even when you’re mad type.
Like to kiss their dad type.
You’re a good mom.

You’re a good mom.

All the pressure is put on you.
How much coffee for you to brew.
They’re bored and hungry. What to do?
Eat some snacks once again.

Sometimes you’re feeling so alone.
All call your name from different rooms.
Patience. Work has you in a zoom.
Oops, they’re here storming in.

So much going on mom.
Wish you had a clone mom.
Help fold all the clothes mom.
Online fitness zone mom.
But you’re the real type,
Sharing how you feel type,
Yeah, you swear with zeal type,
Pray to God they heal type.
You’re a good mom.

You’re a good mom.
You know that you’re a good mom.

Yeah, sometimes I get mad.
I guess I’m pretty glad when I’m alone.
These kids may be scared of me.
I mean, I don’t see what they see,
but maybe it’s ‘cause I’m wearing my contacts wrong.

I’m a good mom.

Chips and salsa for dinner again?
Yeah, maybe ice cream sandwiches.

You’re a good mom.

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